Mama, do you feel me?

Mama, do you feel me?
I see your anguish,
But, dear Mama, I am here.
I’m the new born rain you dance in
It’s my chance to touch your skin
I’m the mist you curse at God in
But it’s me holding you within….

Papa, do you hear me?
I see you drink too much,
you used to stop at one
Papa, you must listen,
For you must smile again,
These things can’t be undone
The sweet sounds of winds that whisper
That’s just me here loving you
And that gentle crack of thunder
It’s my push to get you through

Mama needs you, Dad
Tell her I am fine
I’m now walking in the sky and smiling wide
But I cry for you
Don’t you feel that rain?
Please, start to smile again, I haven’t any pain

And come together,
Mom and Dad
I love you both so much
I’ll fan my wings for you
And softly blow, caress you with my touch
I’ll whisper both your names as you dance in falling rain
Please, start to live again
I’ll be with you someday
I promise
Once again

His Name is Drug

I’ve been swindled by the drug too. Not in the way you have.

You see, I never took him,

never would think about taking him,

but he still fooled me. He made me believe your

lies so many times I can’t count.

He led me into naivety, when I should have known better.

He shook me down for fear of his violence,

so much that I retreated rather than stood. He

held me hostage when I should have been strong.

He almost killed me and my family, and

I almost let him.

I always thought I was strong.

Apparently I’m not.


Excerpt from Beyond Horizon Fall

Sometimes I wonder if the world is really here, or if I might be the dream of a god living in an alternate reality. I feel it, I see it, but sometimes I just can’t believe it.